Travel Journals

Having a love for nature is a major character trait. Ever notice that the people who love to be outside are often the most laid back and enjoyable to be with? No need for TVs or cell phones. I love my smart phone as much as the next person, but having it constantly attached to you with people texting and chatting you all day can be stressful sometimes. Try turning your phone off for a weekend one time. One weekend where you don’t have any concrete plans and nothing vital coming up. You will be astounded by how liberated you are. I promise. Now imagine that instead of a weekend its two or three weeks and instead of no cell phone, its no cell or any other electronics of any kind. Nothing to worry about but what is happening in front of you right now. Nothing but the sky above your head and the dirt beneath your feet. This is what I live for. I love seeing the world, and I want to see as much of it as I can. I don’t care whether its rock climbing, dog sledding, sky diving, biking, running or paddling. I am up for it all.

Pensive moment

Patagonia mountaintop


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