Vinyl Love

Awhile back I saw something on the internet about melting old vinyl records into new shapes and purposes. Today I came across a box of old records and wanted to try it myself. Yes, I am a couple of generations too young to own any vinyl records. I have never owned a record player. These were some of my dad’s that I had pulled out of his collection when he was getting rid of them. I was probably about 12 at the time and records were something very mysterious to me. I didn’t know how record players worked or why when my dad would listen to them, he would get upset if my sister and I played too rough around the record player. To me, records were just a part of the rock ‘n roll scene, a piece of artwork, a window to the world of Led Zeppelin and Tom Petty. Something I was just discovering around that time as well. So I kept a handful of old records because I thought they were cool, and years later I finally found a use for them.

The instructions I followed are here:

For the most part, it was very simple. You just need an oven safe bowl and an old record.

Heat your oven to around 400° F. Place bowl upside down on a cookie sheet and set the record centered on the top of it.

Put this in the oven, and make sure you keep a close eye on it! The instructions I was following said around 10 minutes, but my record looked like this after only a minute and half:

Once the record is floppy enough to touch the bowl on all sides it is probably ready to mold. Take everything out of the oven. I found it was easiest to mold the record on the inside of a bowl, so I quickly flipped the record over and stuck it on the inside of a different bowl and pressed all the sides up. The record will be pretty toasty, but I found it safe to move around because the vinyl cools off pretty quickly and you want to form your shape as fast as you can. Here is my final product:

Originally I pictured these as good bowls for candy or keeping random things on my desk organized. But the hole in the middle is making me think of planters? I’m not sure how that would work just yet, maybe these particular records aren’t exactly the right shape for planting. But its definitely something I will keep in mind. Any other ideas for these retro bowls?