Why My Dog Makes the Perfect Companion

A dog will always love you, no matter what. You could wake him up at three in the morning and take him for a walk in 20 degree weather, and he will be happier than you about it. A dog will be glad to go with you anywhere really. My dog has his favorite places to go, like the dog beach or to a suburban backyard somewhere where he can run around. But I’m convinced he would be just as happy sniffing around an abandoned power plant or something equally boring to most people. Dogs just have the best outlook on life.

Which brings me to my next point; dogs will never complain to you. Not that they are hot or cold or tired or hungry. If my dog is tried he will take a nap, if he is hungry then he will eat his food. How many grumpy fully-functioning members of society do you know who could learn from this? If every person had these basic survival skills, I believe the world would be a much happier place. This is also probably one of the most prominent reasons why children are not in my future.

A dog will never judge you. Go ahead, eat that third cookie. There’s no one here to impress. Fluffy Wumpkins won’t tell anyone and even if you end up gaining fifty pounds you are still the same loving person to him. Just more cushion for him to lay on. But grabbing midnight snacks is just the beginning. Your dog is also cool with you drinking, smoking, saying stupid things, dropping things, falling down, forgetting to put pants on… the list is endless really. Indulge yourself, you’re not taking advantage.

As long as you feed Mr. Snuggles and let him poop outside a dog will be as much or as little as you need him to be. He’s free companionship, someone to talk to and hug at night. But with the added bonus of not having to close the bathroom door when you pee.


My dog runs the show