About the Blog

Hi, I’m Jill and I’m an engineering student by day and an artist by night. I started For the Love of Earth about a year ago when I decided that I needed a creative outlet to exercise the other half of my brain. I have been into crafty projects since I can remember, as my mom is an incredible quilter. My inspiration however comes from something quite different. I love being outside as much as I love creating art, and I will do anything from skiing to sky diving. My blog documents my adventures through all of these things, and brings a little sense to how they all connect to become part of an eco-friendly lifestyle.

About the Shop

For the Love of Earth products have been made with the notion to keep our planet alive! Here you will find a variety of reusable shopping bags and origami boxes; many of which have been made from re-purposed materials to help keep more trash out of landfills. These trendy house hold items will make great gifts for all your tree-hugging friends!

Custom Orders

See something you like? I am willing to work with anyone who would like a custom order of my knitted or crocheted projects. Send me an email with your name, which project caught your attention, and/or what changes you would like made and I will reply with a price and a date that I can have it done by.

Please understand that I cannot accommodate all orders. I will do my best, but I ultimately will decide which projects I choose to work on. If I cannot accommodate you, I will let you know in the first email.


Got something to say? I would love to hear from you!
Contact me here by leaving a comment or send me an email at for.love.earth@gmail.com


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