I am a little annoyed today because after a surfing the web a bit last night I came across a blog host that I think I like more than Mainly because it is more customizable than this one, but it also seems a little more user friendly. I have a vision of what I want this blog to look like, and sometimes it can be a bit difficult with only pre-made themes available. Since I really only just got started here, I am thinking I will move over there sooner rather than later. It is irritating, but the less posts there are to transfer the easier the move will be. I am having flashbacks of when I first started my Etsy store. I had a cute name all picked out and was so excited to start that I jumped into it without fully exploring the details. Turns out there was at least one other small business selling things under the name that I had chosen, not on Etsy, and not selling anything to do with knitting, but I needed to switch and start over all the same. I guess we are all learning as we go. It might take me a few days to fully transfer everything and make a nice cozy site over there.

Here is the link:

Keep in mind it’s still under construction, but I’d love to know what you think 🙂





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